Obsessive Ways You’re Undermining Your Business

Roger is an independent professional creative, much like you and me. He does his own specialized version of consulting, coaching, and training.

Roger is great at what he does and has had many successes, but he often feels unfulfilled and dissatisfied with the progress of his business and marketing.

Results don't seem to come fast enough; he feels he should always be doing more, and yet his long working hours are leading to burnout, not the results he craves.

Roger has a little issue that's holding him back, but he has no awareness that it's even an issue.

Roger is what you might call a perfectionist-obsessive (P-O).

He doesn't notice because he believes everyone should be more like him: hard-working, dedicated, organized, and strong-willed.

These are certainly strengths and can help in so many situations. He's more productive than the average person.

But as a P-O he tends to overdo things. A LOT!

When you're a P-O, these strengths can also work against you because you often take them to the extreme. And at some point, something's gotta give.

Are these two scenarios familiar to you?

The prime characteristic of a P-O is the tendency to work on a project until it's "perfect." And because this consumes huge amounts of time, productivity plummets.

Making matters worse, the P-O will often procrastinate endlessly, because they realize the project will take so much time and they're afraid they won't be able to do it perfectly.

So P-Os are often damned if they do and damned if they don't.

If someone else employed Roger, this behavior wouldn't be tolerated. But being self-employed he can get away with it. After all, he controls his time, his goals, his plans, and his destiny. Right?

Being so obsessed with being perfect, Roger doesn't even notice his behavior. It's like water to the fish.

"Perfectionism, what perfectionism? I'm just trying to do a good job."

Are you a P-O?

Here are some typical P-O behaviors that might hit a nerve:

1. You believe that when it comes to projects, it's all or nothing. As they say, "Go big or go home."

2. You tend to procrastinate or avoid projects because it's never quite the right time. But the right time rarely comes. Yet you always have a good excuse for not getting it done.

3. You see mistakes before anyone else does. And you are intolerant of others who don't meet your standards of perfection.

4. You frequently feel you're right about any idea, project, or course of action you undertake. And there is no room or tolerance for compromise, only perfection.

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